everybody's working for the weekend

cardigan: nordstrom tank top: nordstrom jeans: hand-me-down shoes: thrifted
 This is what I get to wear to work.

Jeans, a cardigan, a tank top.

This outfit is even a little dressy for my office. (you should see what some people wear...) ;)

I am lucky that I like my job, and I know I'm lucky that I even have a job, let alone a good job, a job that can support my husband, the crazy puppy and I.

But it's so easy to grow discontent, to think about what's next, and what could be.

I have a hard time just enjoying where I'm at. Instead I dream about supporting myself with this little blog & biz & writing a book.

But this week I'm going to just be and trust that God has me where I am for a reason.

Sorry that was heavy for a Monday. :)

By the way, did you guys have a good weekend? I checked a lot of my to-do list, which always makes me happy but I still had time to catch up on Project Runway and bake banana bread. nom.

My proudest moment this weekend? Fixing the garbage disposal all my self. Thank you Google!

Sigh. I love the weekends.

xo, Erika

p.s. isn't the husband getting good with photography? i love the photos he took!


  1. Love that outfit, Erika! Sometimes I get impatient about moving back out west because I do miss the more casual style...especially wearing jeans almost daily!
    I can totally relate about finding myself in a discontent stage at times (I'm working to support us while my husband's in school). Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I have the same dreams as you - supporting myself with my blog and writing. It would be amazing, wouldn't it?

  3. I feel that way often. I, too, am working on growing my own business while working in an office part-time. Luckily, my man has a wonderful full-time job that mainly supports us. He would like to go back to school, though, and so would I. I sometimes get so ahead of myself in my dreams. It's hard to stay in the moment. I'll say a prayer for your contentment and mine!

  4. he is getting GREAT at taking your photos! loving the cardi...and your beautiful hair :)


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