baby it's cold outside

scarf: portland market  coat: target  tights: fred meyer  boots: nordstrom
And yes,  I'm wearing clothes under my jacket but you can't see 'em, so no need to say where they're from

It's coat weather here. It honestly doesn't get that cold here in Seattle (I know, I know, anyone in California, Arizona or Florida is gonna disagree with me) but we're not Chicago, New York or Maine in terms of weather. 

You'd think being so close to Canada and the closest state to Alaska, we would be chillier... but snow is like a once or twice a year thing. And people get really excited or really angry. 

I'm actually relishing coat weather and the opportunity to pull out this trench coat.

I love the look of trench coats because they make any outfit grown-up.

That, and I have an excuse to narrate things like I'm in a spy movie.
"It was a dark and stormy night and I knew he was up to no good..."

I've always wanted to be a spy. 

xo, Erika

p.s. Confession time: when a friend of mine and I were little we continually pretended to be spies and practiced moves that would get us into the CIA. But you guys did that too... right?


  1. Your outfit is super cute! Love the coat. And please continue being a spy. That's AWESOME!

  2. Very pretty!

    The weather there sounds like my kind of weather. I don't care if it gets a little chilly but I hate snow!

  3. look how cute you are!!!
    and yes it is cold!
    love your digs :)

  4. You are seriously so cute!! I love your outfit! I could wear tights boots and pea coats everyday!!! Love it! And I also love Seattle!

  5. I've always wanted to be a spy too!
    because hello-Sydney Bristow was the most amazing chic EVER.

  6. Hi, I'm heather from prettyunpretentioys.blogspot.com! Love your blog ... Now following! Xoxo


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