not your mom's jeans

 tee: H&M  jeans: Gap  shoes: Marshalls

In high school it was the age of Christina and Britney, midriffs and low-rise jeans.

I remember that my t-shirts could not go over the top of my jeans-- they just had to meet perfectly.

Some of my high school teachers made girls raise their arms to see if their shirts were appropriate.

I am so thankful those days are over. Not only because high school can be terrible, but because super low-rise jeans are working their way out.

I've been on the hunt for a good pair of higher-rise jeans for ever. Often when I shop I know exactly what I want and I just have to find the place that makes it.

sometimes no one makes what I want.

For awhile I thought this was the case with the high-rise jeans. I didn't want the retro flare, or the super trouser lookin' jeans or high-rise skinny jeans. I wanted a nice boot-cut dark denim higher-rise jean. And I didn't want mom jeans (no offense moms out there but you know what I mean...)

And I finally found 'em after weeks of searching.

And I love them.

And I may wear them every day.

You woudn't judge me for that, would you?

Do you ever search and search for the perfect thing-- your ideal jeans, skirt or purse?

xo, erika

p.s. if you've never seen the SNL commercial for mom jeans, get yourself over to hulu and watch this.


  1. Those are great jeans! I totally know what you mean. When I get my mind set on an item be it shoes, skirt or pants, I am determined to find the perfect one and it totally pays off because then I appreciate it so much more once I find it. And I totally love that SNL sketch :) perfect! Also makes me think of the Swager Wagon commercial from Toyota.

  2. hi! I just found your blog! : ) so excited to keep reading! Stop over and follow me too if you like!!


  3. I have never liked low rise jeans - they're uncomfortable and I was forever worried about showing off my undies. Hopefully that trend will be over for good.

  4. Thats how I am with jeans too. I can only have 1 pair at a time that I think fit right and make me feel good.

  5. I ADORE this look. Those jeans are amazing!

  6. i think we have the same pair of jeans - i have two wide leg jeans from GAP and am in LOVE with them! you look uh-mazing, girl!

  7. Those jeans look fantastic! I always feel like I have the hardest time finding jeans that I like!

  8. The jeans look FAB! I always have a hard time finding things when I have a certain thing in mind. It's like when I see decide I need it, it simply disappears. Haha!

  9. I'm so afraid of mom jeans! I told Dan if he catches me in them....SMACK ME!
    The SNL skit is hysterical! And you new jeans are to die!
    Lookin good chica!


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