DIY: succulent planter

I'm a sucker for succulents.

haha.. that was a funny. :)

But truly, I think they're adorable little plants and I love that they require very little maintenance, which is wonderful for someone like me who doesn't really have a green thumb.

When I was in San Diego, my friend Betsy and I made little succulent planters for only a few dollars and I want to share our project with you.

 We got succulents for a dollar each from a cute little boutique. We bought little rocks and sand for extra pizazz for a few bucks as well. I'm sure you can find succulents and sand at your local nursery or garden store.  At a thrift store, we picked up a few shallow bowls to use as planters; you could probably find a container around your house!

Some people recommend gravel at the bottom, then charcoal and finally dirt, but I think gravel will work just fine for drainage without the charcoal.

All succulents are different, but most require lots of light and a little spritz of water (I use a spray bottle) every week or every other week. Check with the nursery to see what your little succulent needs to grow its best.

Are you a good gardener or are succulents and cacti more up your alley?

happy monday!

xo, erika
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  1. My grandma has tons of these! I really don't have a green thumb but it looks like even I could handle this project ;)

  2. I obsessed with succulents. What a great idea :)

  3. You know what's sad? I can't even keep succulents alive =-(

    P.S. There's a Le Mode Accessories going on today at my blog. Come check it out!

  4. So cute! I'm all about the succulents too! Thanks fir the sweet tutorial. Now off to gather my supplies...

  5. the whole windowsill of our veranda used to be filled with succulents and cacti! I had so much fun collecting them as a kid ^^ Thank you for bringing back the memories :) x

  6. ::slaps knee:: bwahahaha, you are so funny girl! ;) and you've made me want to plant something whether i shall kill it by forgetting it or not.

  7. These are cute! I love easy projects!

  8. These are so pretty - I love succulents and want to make something like this! I'm your newest follower - can't wait to explore more of your super-cute blog! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist


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