five things friday sunsets & sunrises

I think I've said this before, but I'll say it again. I love Fridays. I love the promise of the weekend, two days to sleep in, to see my husband, to sew, to take the dog to the park and to breathe.

this week, like most weeks, was busy but I found myself taking note of the good things in the busy.

1. sunsets & sunrises. It's been gorgeous here and as it gets later, I've been treated for sunrises before work as I walk the dog, and new skies as I get into work.

2. the view from my work. I can watch the ferries come in and out. I imagine what lies inside the container ships docking at the Port. I can squint and see the islands and the mountains beyond.

3. I am blessed by a job, by a roof over my head, by food on the table. more and more I realize how blessed I am and how many have so much less than I do.

4. this blog. I really do love blogging and I am excited that more people are joining me on this journey. thank you for taking part.

5. finally listing some things in the shop. my goodness that was a long time coming. and i promise there will be more to come as well :)

what was good in your life?
xo, erika
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  1. You have a spectacular view from work. WOW

  2. I'm loving these pics of Seattle. It's so beautiful! Oh, how I miss the mountains (sigh). I'm excited to see what else you add to the shop!

  3. OK I need to come to Seattle. GORGEOUS!

  4. And I'll say it again: I need to come visit you!!

  5. I grew up in Seattle and moved to Arizona when I was 16. I miss it! But good thing we're going up in 3 weeks to visit family. I'd love to have that view at work every day! By the way, I'm new here on your blog. :)

  6. Hey...have you recieved your package? I sent it out on monday, so it should be there. Just checking?

  7. what a great view!! :) yay for blogging!!


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