5 things friday: caramel and apples

 blazer: nordstrom  tee: banana republic  jeans: forever21  shoes: marshalls

my five little things this week

1. loving fall leaves, crisp air and pulling out my fall clothes

2. new ideas for the shop and perhaps, for once, some time to pursue them

3. a ginormous delicous caramel apple cake I made from scratch (recipe to come) 4. skyping with a dear friend

5. reading comments from readers on my post yesterday :)

and five things i love around the web

1. lindsay's tips on wearing dresses as skirts and tops. so useful for really getting the most out your closet!

2.  Gina's tips on using Picnik. (I love Picnik and use it all the time)

3. Ashley's advice on getting noticed in blogland

4. a Steve Jobs inspired post by Gina of Acute Designs.

5. and finally-- this is not a blog-- but a darling profile of a 96-year-old man who is really tech-savvy and teaches residents of his nursing home how to use their computers and iphones! <3   (watch this video of him too!)

p.s. this makes me LAUGH. not sure why.

xo, erika  

linking up to aisle to aloha!

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  1. Hooray for time to pursue ideas :) and wearing fall clothes of course. I'm so excited to pull out sweaters and such this weekend...time to swap out short sleeves and such in our drawers! Although it's gonna be 80...oh New England you are so fickle!

  2. haha that Pinterest was hilarious!
    p.s. LOVE your shop-flower hair pieces are right up my alley!
    found you on the little things link up-new follower :)

  3. A caramel apple cake!?! Send some my way please!

  4. I LOVE your hair! It's so cute....and the outfit is adorable as well!

  5. loving that blazer, erika!!! happy weekend :)

  6. I love fall! It's absolutely my favorite. Your blazer is adorable! I can't wait to work on some new ideas for my shop also!

  7. that outfit is so cute! also how sweet is that little story, i kinda wish i had a grandpa like that :)

  8. Adorable autumn outfit! =)

    Thanks for the link to Ashley's blog post. I think it is going to be beneficial and enjoyable. =)

  9. Stopping in from "it's the little things" I'm a new follower ;) I totally agree...love love love fall and love leaves!!!

  10. the aisle to aloha post is great! thanks for sharing it and i chuckled at the cows, too! happy weekend, friend!


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