shop talk with jaqcui from baby boy bakery

I met Jacqui at blog sugar. She had messaged me earlier on twitter to buy a headband from me & we decided to forgo shipping and just do the exchange in person. 

From there on she was my "person" at blog sugar, the one I clung to as I navigated the unknown of a blog conference. I am completely grateful for her and am so excited to share with you her bakery and  blog. Get it saved in your blog reader now -- you won't regret it. :)

look it's jacqui & me!


Hi! I am so honored to be here at Rouge and Whimsy! I hope you all find interest in my world and come visit me over at Baby Boy Bakery....Please read on to get to know me and my teeny bakery, driven by my teeny son and my huge passion to create yummy organic desserts.

1. How did you get started baking?
`I started baking for family and friends after I had my son. I found myself at home being a momma, but needed an outlet that I enjoyed. I had always had a passion for baking and sharing with others, so I started practicing and before I knew it I had orders for birthday parties, baby showers and more.

When my son started eating solid foods I began making all his baby food from scratch.{I also post weekly baby food recipes on my blog} I used only organic ingredients and then thought it would be a good idea to use organic ingredients in my baking as well. In the end Baby Boy Bakery was born....Custom Organic Desserts.
2. Did you bake as a little kid and did you ever have a Easy-Bake Oven? (I always wanted one.)
I always baked as a little girl. Growing up, my mom always found ways for us kids to have fun and we usually ended up in the kitchen baking cookies and breads. We would always help measure, pour and stir the batter. I think that is why I love baking so much now, because it reminds me of all the fun times we had as kids in the kitchen with my momma.
3. What's your specialty?
 My family and friends have told me that my 'Suga and Spice' cupcake is the best. It is a cinnamon cake with cinnamon and sugar butter cream topped with a bunuelo (fried tortilla dipped in cinnamon and sugar.) My most favorite thing to eat is a churro. So, I developed a cupcake that had the same flavors & textures. YUM!

Another customer favorite are my cake pops....organic and custom made to match your event/party....
4. How do you keep from eating all your desserts? 
 Oh honey! I eat everything I make! That is how I know it tasted so good. Although, I do work out everyday. My son and I go for walks/jogs with my 'Stoller Strides' group, mommy & me swim lessons and yoga during nap time. I work out hard...so I can eat what I want!
5. Describe a day in the life of Jacqui the momma and baker.
I have to say I am very blessed. The Lord has graced me with a son who loves to sleep. My son usually sleeps until 9:30 a.m.! I wake up around 8 a.m. and while I sip my coffee I plan out the day. If I have an order I bake in the morning before my son wakes up. One of my most favorite things to do is have breakfast together. {I make pancakes at least twice a week.} When I have orders to ship we visit the post office first. Other than making sure I ship orders on time, my entire day is dedicated to my son. We play, eat and go to our classes. During nap time I get things done like decorating cakes, yoga, cleaning etc. My day is extremely flexible and each one is different. But I will tell you...I stay up late finishing/packing orders and blogging. There is nothing I would change. Some days I feel so tired and want to pull my hair out...other days I feel like Super Mom. In the end I am unbelievably grateful and feel so blessed to have the life that I do! It sure is a yummy one!
6. If you could give one of your cupcakes to any celebrity, who would it be and why?
This question is simple. Ellen Degeneres. I would bake a vegan 'Sugar and Spice' cupcake for her, give her a huge hug and thank her for all the good she has done. We need more people in the world with kind hearted souls such as hers.
7. What are your favorite cookbooks or places to find good recipes?
I'd have to say when it comes to baking I wing it. I know most of my recipes by heart. When I come up with new ones its done by trial and error until it comes out perfect. I also have a bunch of hand written recipes from my grandmother. My baking literally comes from my heart.
Thanks for reading about me and Baby Boy Bakery! I hope you come by my blog and follow along as I figure out my online bakery and momma-hood all at the same time. It's a delicious party you don't want to miss out on! {PLUS, If you become a reader I am offering a 30% discount on all shipping orders. Just use the code OPEN at checkout}

aren't she (and her son) the most adorable people ever? seriously. :) thank you jacqui for sharing a snippet of your sweet life. :)

happy tuesday! 
xo, erika


  1. As if I wasn't,t craving something sweet already! That all sounded & looked so divine... Thanks for the inspiration... My baking is less than remarkable at best... Great blog btw, Grace

  2. so i stumble unto you and get to meet jacqui too!!! bonus :) love your blog and i'm about to go and check out hers too. happily following!

  3. I love her :-) Isn't she so great?


  4. Yay! Love Jacqui and her amazing treats!!


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