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I love free things, don't you? Free Ben & Jerry's cone day, free slurpie day and of course, free blog advertising.

If you have a handmade shop or blog, I'd love to feature you for the month of September FOR FREE.

Email me (rougeandwhimsy [at] gmail [dot] com) with you 250 x 175 horizontal ad to claim your spot!

Why should you sponsor Rouge & Whimsy?
The nitty-gritty: I've been blogging here since March 2011 and I average 6 posts a week with 1,000 page views a month. I have several ad spots on bigger famous blogs for the month of September which should drive traffic here... and ultimately to you.
The not-so-nitty-gritty: I make a mean guacamole, I have lots of fun ideas for the upcoming fall season...
 and hopefully those ideas will include featuring you!

p.s. all the cool kids are doing it. 

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  1. dang, i wish i had a handmade biz so i could be one of the cool kids sponsoring your awesome blog.


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