five days in france: what i love

C'est vrai-- J'aime les choses Francais. **

It's true. I love French things.

This week I'm highlighting things that I love that remind me of France, starting with a few finds on Etsy.

3. Printed floral scarf. I began my love affair with scarves while visiting France. 
Silk scarves create instant style I tell you :)

4. Metal basket for going to all the markets en plein air

 What do you love this week?

And do you love French things? I have quite a bit of it in my house but never realized it until someone toured my home for the first time and commented.

**I took some French in college... but I've forgotten most of it.


  1. so pretty! love the scarf and locket :)

  2. the market basket is adorbs; i need one to display in my room. ;)

  3. I'm a little French (you should seem maiden last name - very French) and so I've always had a love for French things. Very pretty!

  4. I love the idea of the books bundled like that...we just moved to a new place and I wanted different ways to display my books...thanks for showing this on your bloggy:)


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