what i wore & other stuff

Nesby insists on always being in the photo. He's a bit of a goober.

I'm getting better at the whole "taking photos of my outfit" thing but I'm no pro. The husband is getting better at taking them too... and of course, the dog is getting better at finding ways to get into every photo I take. He's such a ham.

Two things of note today:

1. I'm giving away $15 shop credit in honor of Beth's one-year blog-ivarsary. Go enter and give her some love. She's an absolute sweetheart :)

2. If you win that $15 credit you should check out all the new goodies in the shop. I uploaded them last night and to be honest, I'm really proud of what's there. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. LOVE the new items in the shop, miss! :]

  2. Very cute stuff, I love your bag in the second outfit pics!

  3. Fun new items in the shop :) Love the bag!


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