five days in france: to market, to market

I've always loved antiques, thrifted objects, found treasures but my real love for thrifting and vintage didn't surface until France.

My mom and I went to several markets au puces, literally markets of fleas. They're everywhere in France, even in chic Paris.

Our favorite market however was in a tiny village we stopped at on a whim. A tiny little collection of stone homes built right next to limestone cliffs overlooking a river.

they built the homes right into the side of limestone cliffs overlooking a river

There was plenty of vintage eye candy. I wanted it all (and a Titantic-size suitcase to bring it back in)

beautiful mirrors and makeup tins

love the old phones!

swooning over the buttons!

how about some vintage white blouses?

love that table and those chairs

old books and a fur stole. perfect combination.

What I love about France is their appreciation for the old. All of their buildings, their art, everything has been preserved. And while they've also embraced new, modern designs, they've done it in a way that enhances the old. It's something I think America has just started doing-- treasuring things from the past.


  1. Oh my gosh that is HEAVEN right there! So many pretty things!

  2. houses on the side of a mountain? count me in! i think it would suit my decorating style perfectly!! :)


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