7 things

I was inspired by Maie Daie & Pie n' the Sky for this little series.

7 Places I Would Like to Visit:
- France (again)
- England
- Scotland & Ireland
- Africa
-  the Holy Lands
- Quebec & Montreal
- Washington D.C. 

7 Things I Would Like to Make:

- this pouf on Better Homes & Gardens
- a square top as seen on Cotton & Curls
- this is more write than make, but my own novel or book
- sweatshirt blazer restyle

7 People I'd Like to Meet (Dead or Alive):

- Jesus
- my mom's dad (he died when she was in her 20s)
- my great-aunt Fran-- she gave me her real silver silverware before she died (we never met though)
- Tina Fey! (my dream is dinner with her and Amy Poehler. Someone set that up please)
- Oprah-- random but she has so much influence and I feel like meeting her would be beneficial :)
- Mother Theresa-- I'm sure she could teach me a lot
- Kathryn Stocket-- author of The Help. She got turned down 60 times before being published. I would love to hear her encouragement & wisdom. :)

7 Things I Would Like to Own:

- a serger sewing machine
- endless time!
- a new car
- Canon Rebel T1i Digital SLR Camera :)
- my own shop-- it'll be a thrift/craft/music/wedding planning coffee shop/hangout run by me & my friend Betsy :)
- a bazillion frequent flier miles
- a house on the water

7 Things That Annoy Me:

- people who snort snot up through nose (instead of blowing it out into a tissue) yuck
- people who are negative-- about themselves & others
- not getting enough sleep!
- folding laundry or laundry in general. it NEVER ends.
- messed up, tangled, sheets. Especially if the bottom sheet is loose. eeehhhh!
- people who curse wayyyy too often
- greasy hair

7 Films I Love:
- Baby Mama (hands down favorite movie. i know, cheesy. But i love love love it)
- Mean Girls
- Top Gun
- Up!
- When Harry Met Sally
- The Little Mermaid
- Double Jeopardy

7 Funny Words:

- oogle
- smorgasboard
- toodle
- bonanza
- fruitition
- pooch
- frap

What are your seven things? Tell me in the comments or link up to your own post!


  1. love this...totally stealing it :) and will post next week!

  2. I had no idea that Kathryn Stocket got turned down so much before being published!! That gives me hope!

  3. ahhh, what a cool idea; totally going to give you credit & post about it...sometime this week. crossing my fingers I remember it, ha!

  4. can't wait to open up a shop someday.... :)

    also, i laughed when i read this because it so happens that I have a cold right now. Just as I was reading,

    "7 Things That Annoy Me:

    - people who snort snot up through nose (instead of blowing it out into a tissue) yuck"

    I snorted snot up my nose. Thank you for loving me anyway.


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