Five Things Friday [#5]


the five things that are making my heart swell and spill over with joy. the little things that keep me going.

1. my puppy and his weird little antics. he never fails to make me smile

2. picnik. i just bought their premier membership and i decided it's worth it :)

3. fresh peaches. peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream

4. making dinner for friends twice this week. I love our home for that.

5. a short weekend away to Eastern Washington for sunshine and family


and five things I've loved on the blogs this week:

- Elsie's tips for better self portraits (I need to work on this)

- letters from 5th graders learning English on Jenni Austria Germany (hilarious)

- what looks like the most delicious salad ever on busy bee lauren (caprese! nom)

- doily wrapping paper? amazing brilliant tutorial on dee construction

what do you love this week? what's getting you out of bed each day? and what blog posts blew your mind? please share! :)

and enjoy your friday.
I know I will.
bachelorette party tonight. another one.
seattle- watch out.

p.s. i'm looking for someone to help me out w/ the old blog design. time for an upgrade i've decided. do you have any (affordable & lovely) recommendations? much appreciated!

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  1. Eek, knowing I'm getting my headband from YOU in the mail is making me pretty happy!

  2. awe, cute doggie... don't they always make life more fun?! :)


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