saving money

The husband and I are attempting to save money this month.

It's not like we're extravagant spenders, but with several weddings, summer activities and whatnot, it adds up.

So we're cutting back on frivolous purchases, coffee dates and happy hours.

Luckily I grew up in a thrifty family. My grandmother went dumpster diving and gifted some many of her finds, and my dad reuses everything and everything (and thinks spending more than $10 on jeans is outrageous.)

Thanks to them, I have a few odd quirky and smart ways to save the dollar dollars:

- the library. I get my magazines here. Real Simple a month later? No big deal-- most magazines publish a month ahead anyway

- plastic sandwich bags-- I wash 'em and reuse 'em. Especially the big ol' Ziploc ones. (This drives the husband a bit crazy)

- dish/hand soap. It's usually pretty concentrated so I add water to it. (And yes, my dishes are still clean)

- hang-dry clothes. Inside or outside-- it can save a lot of money.

- wash clothes on cold. Unless it's undies, socks or something pretty nasty,  most clothing can be washed on cold and most detergents work well in cold water.

- unplug everything! well except the fridge but your toaster, coffee maker, etc sucks power even when it's off.

What do you do to save money? 
I'd love to hear about it!


  1. these are great ideas, i would've never thought of the dish//hand soap one!

  2. Great post with helpful ideas! We're on a tight budget lately with my husband being in school and not working full-time. I almost always wash on cold and would love to get a line in the backyard so we can hang our clothes. I also get obsessed with coupons (not quite Extreme Couponing worthy) but I do drive my husband nuts asking "do we have a coupon for that?"

  3. I keep EVERYTHING unplugged. It drives the hubs crazy but I'm sorry, our utilities bill is EXPENSIVE.

  4. I wash as many things in cold, too.

    I also am a fanatic about unplugging.

    I also recycle...paper goes to a bin at my church where they get money for how much paper is recycled each month. I take other recyclables to the drop-off center on my way to work. :)


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