what i love: fall clothes

I've been good this year. When Nordstrom had their anniversary sale (they only have sales twice a year) I didn't go even though I KNOW all the fall goodness that was there.

And when it comes to fall clothes shopping at other stores, I've held strong.

buuuuuut I am tempted. Especially when there are so many gorgeous fall things out there!

 if I do get anything, I'm getting that belt. I have a major thing for belts. maybe I'll get those shoes too..

But despite all those gorgeous fall things, I'm waffling whether I actually want fall to show up.

I'm not ready for colder weather yet. I feel like I've just gotten warmed up. 

How about you guys? Ready for fall or is another month of summer sound good?

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  1. I am so ready for fall! Especially when I wake up to temps in the 50s. I can't wait to need a jacket :) and wear other fun fall clothes!
    I'm loving that belt and those wedges!

  2. I am SO ready for fall! I'm already stocking up on fall clothing!

  3. i need to go fall shopping STAT. i'm actually wearing jeans today (and not dying from the heat) & going crazy over how excited I am abotu the cooler temps. but alas, I have two dollars to my name. Old Navy sale rack, hear I come. ;)


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