Five Things Friday [#6]

top: american eagle forever ago
skirt: anthropologie
necklace: gift
sandals: target
giant willow tree: our backyard

One of my favorite things about our house is the enormous willow tree in our backyard. We recently had it trimmed and the arborist (tree guy) told us it was the biggest he had ever seen in Seattle. Hopefully by the end of summer we can put a swing in it and I can enjoy it before the weather turns. 

Happy Friday by the way! Notice anything new? If you're viewing this through Google Reader, you might want to click through and see the remake my little blog got from dear Danielle of Take Heart. She's raising money for adoption and because some day I want to adopt (and my blog needed some help) I decided to hire her.

She did a great job, don't you think? :)

This week was long but I feel like every week is long but still I've found plenty of good things to share, but here are my top five:

1. Reading O2 by Richard Dahlstrom (the pastor at my church) about balancing life-- breathing in God's grace and exhaling it to others. I'm not good at balance... I'm mostly a whirlwind of insane activity. :)
2. Moving offices at the ol' day job-- meaning Friday is a half day! Can't wait to get home early!
3. Eating veggies from my garden. I can not get over the fact that I'm eating zucchini, squash and beans that I planted! I love the wonder of it.
4. Stunning, freakin' gorgeous sunny weather here. Sigh. I loooove Seattle in the summer.
5. Girl night with a good friend. Trader Joe's French onion soup, a bottle of red wine and painting toe nails. Does it get any better? 

My five favorite posts from around the interweb:
2. Heather Marie of PaperDollSmile's thoughts on success
3. A for Ampersand has a free vintage dating reference card (so great because I'm a-going thrifting this Sunday!)
4. oh Danielle's home--featured on Life Made Lovely
5. love me some interior design & michaela has some great tips on her blog 
what have you loved reading this week? and anything exciting happen? or, better yet, anything exciting going on this weekend? 

there are some blackberries by my house. 
I think I may tackle them for some blackberry pie.

xo erika


  1. thank you for having me to do it! i love it :)

  2. The weather is seriously awesome... I keep waiting for it to get ridiculously hot and it never happens. Fine with me!

  3. Aww, thanks for the shout out girlie! Pleassseeee keep the sunshine for me when I get there in a month!!

  4. i love blackberry pie! just found your blog! so cute :) danielle did a beautiful job too!


  5. The weather has been beautiful in MA too. What a pretty willow tree!
    PS- haven't forgotten about the guest post I owe you...hopefully this weekend!

  6. sounds like a FUN weekend!
    also? your blog is ADORBS! great job danielle!!


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