laundry day

it's the simple things.

this weekend, and the past few weekends, when I've done laundry, I've hung it out to dry.

something about sun-dried clothing is better than any detergent smell.

and hanging laundry brings me back to my grandma's backyard, sitting below the lines as she hung sheets. Sometimes she'd let me use the hanging sheets as a tent and I would sit out there for hours, reading and writing, inhaling the scent of clean and cotton.


  1. I've honestly thought about putting up clothes lines to dry the laundry. Guess I've just been too lazy to do it... lol. Maybe this will give me some inspiration to give it more serious thought!

  2. we seriously have not had ANY rain for the past couple months or so, so at church yesterday we heard one of our elders say "you wanna know the way to make it rain? ...hang out some clothes on the clothesline. ;)

  3. I wish I was less lazy about hanging clothes on the line. There's something so FRESH about it.


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