spray it (don't say it)

The simplest decor redo I've learned?

A can of spray paint.

While you can go the long route of sanding, priming, and painstakingly brushing on an oil paint... you can also pretend you're a teenage delinquent and spray paint your furniture, piece of art, or picture frame in half the time.

Last weekend I decided that my kitchen chairs were boring or rather, I finally decided to do something about my boring chairs.

Two are Goodwill finds and two are from Fred Meyer (like Target). All four were that blah-birch wood color with slight variations.

With my husband's permission (he usually is entertained by my forays into decor) I bought four cans of Krylon Oxford Blue in a Satin finish and two cans of a cheap brand of primer spray paint.

I sprayed each chair with a light cover of primer. The primer covers the previous color (if there is one) and makes it so the solid color sticks better. Usually if you prime a piece of furniture, you won't need to sand it.

After letting the primer dry for a half hour, I applied the first coat of Krylon Oxford Blue spraypaint.

spray paint pointers:
shake the can before and during painting
do even, light sprays about 6 inches away. 
spray in the same direction

Your first coat should be light. Again, I waited a half hour (even though the can said 10 minutes) just to be sure) and continued with a second coat, and then a third.

After three coats (and some random extra sprays) I deemed my chairs Design-Sponge worthy and ready to move back into the kitchen.

I love them.

Do you spray paint your furniture? 

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  1. They look great! Love the color...and sunny, happy place for them :)

  2. that is too cool! spray paint shall be my best friend when I get my own house.

  3. LOVE the new look! Super cute. :]


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