saturday snapshot (take 6)

(this post was previously recorded...) ;)

Saturday Snapshot: around the house

I did not plant those. They literally sprung up overnight. Last year, my garden was here and I filled this little area with dirt and compost and all that stuff that plants love. But it was a little too shady and my garden didn't really grow.

At the suggestion of my mother-in-law I moved my garden to the front yard...and forgot about my old garden plot until I was out there (our backyard is a tad wild right now) and saw the largest foxgloves in my life.

They are taller than me.  They are taller than the husband. 
And they are for sure taller than my short-legged pup.

Amazing what nature can do, right?

p.s. we're a little over 80 followers... when we reach 100 I'm going to do a special Seattle giveaway you won't want to miss (i.e. involves chocolate & coffee) ;)

:) Erika


  1. Gorgeous flowers!!

    Came over from yellow songbird and am now following :)

  2. i'm with cathy: these are GORGEOUS photos! what kind of camera do you have??
    and you've spiked my curiosity with your giveaway tease!! i'm going to tell everyone to follow you now, haha!

  3. They're beautiful!!!

    Also, how does your little guy do with the summer heat? I had to have my pups shaved this year so they'd remove themselves from their perches on top of a/c vents. They're very obviously more comfortable now but look so skinny without that extra four inches of layered fur!

  4. They are so beautiful. I found you from the Yello Songbird.


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