buttons & such

I love vintage buttons.

Even as a small girl.

Once I brought my mom's button basket for show-and-tell.

I'm not sure if anyone was the impressed. ;)

When my grandmother died I inherited her tin of buttons. As she grew up during the Depression, she kept every button and if she donated any clothing, she took off the buttons first to put away in her tin.

I have a few other antique buttons and brooches and some clip-on earrings I've picked up.

Paired with some vintage fabric and fabric scraps (borrowed from my mamma) I've been making some one-of-a-kind things for the shop.

see them in the etsy shop soon!

also. there will be another post today. If you get embarrassed for other people, I don't suggest you come back to see it. Jus' saying :)


  1. I love my little button stash, but wish I had more buttons. I used to play with Granny's vintage jewelry and would have loved to keep it (not sure what happened to it). Love your new creations- fun!

  2. LOVE it! Especially what you're doing with them. SO fun.

  3. awwww LOVE what you're doing w/ buttons!! they are soo fun!!

  4. Cannot wait to see the new stuff in your shop!

  5. that is too precious that your Grandmother gave you her button collection...sounds like she knew you well! :)


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