what I did this weekend: wedding #2

My best friend Betsy got married this weekend at a farm 30 miles north of Seattle. 
It was beautiful like all weddings and I cried tears of joy as she walked down the aisle.

 What I wanted to share with you is all the handmade and creative touches she added to her wedding.

 An antique chest from her great-grandmother was set up at the edge of the reception area.

 Guests signed the leaves of a tree on a canvas painting.

 She filled a drawer and the metal tub below with the programs

Flowers, a ribbon wrapped letter 'H' and lace 

Vintage blue bottles added her color

The centerpieces were a random assortment of rocks, mirrors, wildflowers and lantern

It was beautiful.

(two weddings down-- two to go. I'm in four this summer!)

:) Erika


  1. Such beautiful handmade and personal touches! :)

    FOUR weddings?! You're one busy lady.

  2. Ahh, wedding's are always so blissful.
    And summer time always seems to be FULL of them.

  3. It was an honor to have you stand by my side. <3

  4. this is so random, but i have a bunch of seattle friends who went to this wedding. small world!


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