what i love wednesday [#10]

happy wednesday!

it's all downhill from here, well, all downhill 'til the weekend that is. ;)

I'm loving things on Etsy this week (but let's be honest-- when am I not loving things on Etsy?)

These are the things *right* now that are catching my fancy and making me drool and making it real hard to save any money for that dlsr camera...

(adorable, no?)

2. silver sterling hoops bracelet by zzaval
(really into bracelets lately)

(see above statement)

(one of the sweetest lockets I've ever seen)

The above photo was edited with pixlr-- a little time consuming 'cuz I was not sure what I was doing (and I refused to read directions and it was 11 p.m. at night...)

Usually I just use picasa but it's been making me mad lately. :)

What do you guys use to edit photos or make 'em pretty? I see so many of you put together such cute little blogger mashups and I have a sneaking suspician that you're all photoshop pros. [le sigh]

anyone wanna help a (photo-challenged) girl out? Fame and fortune will be yours! (well probably not fortune and maybe only a little fame.)

love to you all.

:) Erika


  1. Those fabric covered bangles are so pretty!

  2. i love those covered bangles! pretty pretty!!

  3. Picnik, baby! I use it for everything!

  4. love that locket!
    I use Gimp to edit my photos...you can download it for free :) it's somewhat similar to photoshop!

  5. love that bracelet, I use picnik and comic life an app on my mac.. it works for me!

  6. Oooh that bracelet is awesome!!

    I don't use anything! Bah. I miss my macbook with photoshop... ha!


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