coming to terms with my freckles

 I remember when I was about 13. I had just started wearing makeup.

With a tube of coverup, I meticulously went and covered every one of my freckles on my face.

Then applied foundation over. All over.

When I got to school, one of my friends pulled me into the bathroom.

"You're wearing too much foundation," she told me. Handing me the rough, brown paper towel that is a ubitiquous standard at every public school, she instructed me to tissue some off.

I was trying to cover my freckles.

I remember looking at magazines (does anyone remember YM and Seventeen?) and wishing that I had brown, even skin.

Skin that tanned, not freckled.

I don't know when I finally came to term with the dots on my face. But even now I still find myself wishing for a more even complexion.

It wasn't until I stumbled across a blog post on Oh! Mishka where she wrote:

"Oh, how I love 
when girls with freckles don't cover them up with makeup!"

And I realized again that maybe my freckles aren't that bad.

Maybe they're even beautiful.

Is there anything about you that you've come to love? 

I'd love to hear about it. 

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:) Erika


  1. I have freckles too. I never tried covering them really, but I came to love them when my high school English teacher wrote a poem about our class. In it, she spoke of my freckles as kisses from angels...I loved that and now I feel blessed to be able to show them off to everyone.

  2. I think your freckles look lovely, miss. :]

    For a long time, I hated a lot of my facial features. Maybe it was just being a teenager and trying so hard to fit in, but I've learned how to make my eyes and lips look a way I like and now think they're some of my best features.

  3. i used to be SO jealous of one of my friends in elementary school because she had freckles on her face. i thought they were so cute! the bane of my existence growing up was my curly hair. i cried, broke brushes, straightened it, burned it, almost ruined it.....and then, i finally learned to embrace it. because, really, what else are ya gonna do?!?!? of course, it doesn't help that i live in hot, humid florida...so sometimes i end up with a 'fro! but my two little girls both inherited my curls...and you know what? i'm really glad they did!

  4. you are beautiful! i LOVE freckles. i used to have more of them on my face... was sad when they disappeared. one of my favorite things about being pregnant was i got a few of them back!

  5. Stunning! :) I always wanted freckles and dimples growing up. I've learned to love and embrace my thighs and booty!

  6. Your freckles ARE beautiful! It sounds really silly, but for a long time in middle school and early high school, I was completely embarrassed by my long toes. It got to the point that I wouldn't wear flip-flops or open toed shoes... afraid that someone might see. By the time I went to college, I had pretty much gotten over it. Then, in one of my favorite English classes one of my favorite professors pointed it out to the whole class. When he did that and I didn't disintegrate with embarrassment and no one really cared, I knew I'd be alright. :) Now I really don't care at all. They're just toes!

  7. I LOVE freckles! My dh and son are covered and I think they are great! They always say they don't tan, their freckles just connect, but I still love them so much!
    My super curly/frizzy hair has taken me years to appreciate. I have died it, cut it too short and fried it with actual irons before they made straighteners that could do the job. Now I have accepted it, but I still straighten it most days just because it's easier to manage :P


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