inspire me monday - the messy room

Did you ever read The Berenstain Bears books?*

They were my brothers and my favorites growing up and for whatever reason, the book "The Berenstain Bears and The Messy Room" is one that always stuck with me (we also had the book on tape version.)

The story is the tale of Brother and Sister's messy room and how they clean it up--moral after the story and all. But there is a dark part in the book when Mama Bear gets so fed up with the mess in Brother and Sister's room that she goes through with a giant box and starts throwing things out.

My craft room/the guest room has been a candidate for Mama Bear's rage lately. With a few craft shows, little time and other excuses, the craft room became the messy room.

And I feared that the mess, as it seeped out of the room and into other parts of the house, would turn the husband into a Mama Bear-box totin' guy threatening to throw everything out. He confessed earlier this week that the mess was stressing him out a little bit. **

I don't think I blame him.

So on Saturday I took the plunge. Turned on some music, piled my hair into a bun and began to sift through the insanity.

The end result?

A clean craft room, a spic n' span guest room that is a tad, well, inspiring.

*This is important: how do you pronounce Berenstain? "Bear-en-steen" or "Burn-steen." This is a silly argument in which both the husband and I believe that we're right. We even watched an episode on YouTube and it didn't help. 

**please not that I am not a messy person. I always do the dishes, clean the bathroom once a week and clean laundry only piles up weekly occasionally. 


  1. I grew up with these books too. We always said Bear-en-steen. Hope that helps!

  2. Loving the end result!!
    -- Camila Borges

  3. I loved that book growing up! I blame it for my love of organizing! I read all of these books to my son and pronounce it Bear-en-stain. They have a few shows on DVD which I don't like at all, but that's how they pronounce the name.
    The room looks so pretty!

  4. We pronounce it burn-steen... hmm?... I have that exact title too. My brother and I used to have a giant collection, which I think I inherited the vast majority of. I love the quilt on the bed, from what I can see it looks like a really fresh and bright design.

  5. I love this post- I love this room. I love finding Seattle blogs (I'm a Tacoma-n myself). Found you today via MVD. I recently organized my craft closet, labelling shoe boxes with their contents and discovered, much to my delight, that it looked like the closet on the last page of that book. It made me smile evey time I looked at it- until the closet became a mess again!


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