what i love wednesday (not gummy bears)

Apparently you reach an age in life when gummy bears are no longer a great sweet to eat. Just ask my husband. Yesterday, the day before we left, he was eating gummy bears at work and broke a filling in his tooth. It was 5 p.m. and he had to find a dentist.

Fast forward six hours later, he's finally home (he had to go back to work after the dental work) and I'm still packing and cleaning. (My friend is house sitting the doggie monster and I don't want her to be using a nasty bathroom.) I'm also procrastinating.

But this all doesn't matter. I can sleep on the plane... heck I can sleep in Hawaii.

With that said, I'm loving all things travel-related this week and I'm wishing that I had more of an excuse to get these things... or perhaps just more money reasons to travel.

Adorable squirrel tag to make every bag cuter
found here

I kinda, like really, love vintage luggage
found here
Compass ring cuz I get lost easily
found here
 I wish I traveled internationally & had a reason for a passport cover like this
found here


I'm linking up to Krysten today!


  1. That Luggage is gorgeous! Great find.

    <3, Krust

  2. Awesome travel finds!! I once lost a filling to a skittle, so I feel his pain....

  3. ahhh i love gummy bears! but thanks for the warning!!!


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