what i love wednesday [#8] bridal shower inspiration

did I mention that I'm in four weddings this summer?

I'm in four weddings this summer.

So although I'm already married, I'm stuck in wedding and bridal shower mode. (which I don't mind at all. really don't. dream job: wedding planner. anyone else with me on that?)

What I love this week are the little things that are inspiring me for one of my friend's bridal showers this weekend. (all are via Pinterest, of course. If you're not on there and you're looking for a beautiful way to waste time, you should join. If you need an invite, let me know in the comments.)

Source: mommag.com via Kate on Pinterest

I'm linking up with Krystina for What I Love Wednesday :)

p.s. I always want to link up to what I wore, but I'm terrible with the self timer.


  1. they are all so beautiful! I'm a Pinterest junkie myself! So many amazing things to find on there!

  2. Oh wow. Those cupcakes are just too gorgeous to eat. They're perfect!

  3. Those cupcakes are amazing, would be awesome for a wedding.

  4. Love the doily table runner, so pretty!

  5. So beautiful. I love the tablescape in that last picture.


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