crazy pup

Apparently I talk a lot about how my dog is "insane."

Something that even the lovely Krysten of After I Do noticed it:

"...about her dog that she claims is insane..."

So I decided that I need to outline exactly how I came to believe my little precious furmonster is a little crazy.

We got Nesby Glasgow (named after a University of Washington football player from the '70s--- yes the husband named him, yes he's a big college football fanatic) in March of 2010.

I'd been wanting a dog for a long time, specifically a corgi. Apparently I wanted one so bad that I talked about it in my sleep. True story, ask the husband.

We finally got the little bugger and brought him home from the farm he was raised on and right away we could tell he was, uh, different.
he slept in unusual places

and occasionally he would get this wild look in his eye...

and then he started eating or rather attempting to eat weird things (the photos below are not staged)

yes, he stole my sewing scissors

this is a clove of garlic he stole from the cupboard

nothing is off limits
I shredded this box for you Mom.
even paint is delicious

Things that I have had to grab out of Nesby's mouth:
a screw
sewing pins
sewing needles
dryer sheets (one of his favorites)
the bathroom drain plug
a loofah

and then there was that time he ate a cotton glove...whole.

He just straight up swallowed it like some prisoner of war swallowing the secret code.

And then went about his business as normal-- played, ate, etc-- only to puke it up--completely whole--five days later. The vet said she'd never heard of anything like it.

more things Nesby loves/attempts to eat:
toilet paper
hair clippings (this happened while I was cutting the husband's hair. gross.)

Living with Nesby is like living with a gregarious toddler that wants to and will put everything in their mouth. 

But on the other hand, Nesby, while curious, is extremely lovable and friendly. Everyone is a friend.

Have you ever seen Up? The dog Dug in the movie is Nesby to a t... just add in some odd food consumption and other antics:

"Hi I'm Nesby. I want to be your friend."

If this hasn't convinced you, I have more stories... but I'll save them for later.

p.s. Nesby just stole the a paper towel off the table and is now eating it.


  1. I absolutely love your dog!!

  2. I love this post! and your adorable dog!!!

  3. I love your dog... like really. I wanna hug him!:)

  4. I am seriously giggling out loud right now! He is SO cute! Monte swallowed a hot dog whole yesterday because the hubs was trying to get it from him. Wow.

  5. aww he's a cutie!!! I want a dog, but well, our cats wouldn't go well with that, they are spoiled. But one day :)


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