inspire me monday - or not

So this weekend left me a little less than inspired.

I set up shop at my first market, an outdoor, year-round (in Seattle-- I know, crazy town) flea and craft market in Fremont (super indie/hipster neighborhood).

Well it didn't go exactly as planned.

I was there from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

And I made 4 sales.


And one was my mom.

Halfway through I redid my display, making it so people didn't have to walk into my tent to look at the handcrafted goods.

People said they liked me stuff, they tried it on, modeled for their friend, held in their hot little hand... but that was it.

But still, it was a little upsetting.

Other vendors told me today wasn't a good sales day, that no one was doing well. (Musta been the sun, one lady said. Seattleites aren't used to it.)

And I'm fine now. I'm not going to be successful everytime, and I'm competing against antiques and the best gyros I've ever had. And I definitely don't blame people for throwing cash at dang good delicious eat-in-five-minutes fair food. (I mean, I couldn't even resist.)

So I'm going back next week. It'll be another crowd, another day and perhaps things will be different. Or perhaps the Fremont Market isn't for me.

But what's inspiring me right now is a few little prints from Etsy that remind me that there are going to be days like today and market experiences like the one I just had.

Let Things Go by CherryRunWay

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This by AshleyG

only hope by tankandtink
Just Keep Swimming by BubbleWrappd

what do you do when things don't go exactly your way?


  1. aww, just a bad day, but there will be better ones!

  2. that is so frustrating! that's happened to me, too. :(

  3. i recently opened an etsy shop and I have a fear the same thing will happen to me, i'll put my heart and soul into it and then no one will purchase. I hope the next weekend went better:)
    I saw in one of your more recent posts you still needed guest bloggers. I'd love to be a guest if you still need posts :)


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