Five Things Friday [#3]

hi. It's Friday. Do you guys ever get so tired you're not sure what's going on anymore? That's me. I don't know WHAT my deal is but I am not getting my sleep on at a decent hour... and sleep deprivation is not becoming. It's just really not a pretty thing.

But I am so thankful...

1. BECAUSE IT'S FRIDAY! And I am sleeping in on Saturday folks. You can count on it. (Unless the pup wakes me up at 4:45 a.m. like he did earlier this week. Bad thing about summer...the sun rises at an ungodly hour.)

I'm ready to get up Mom!

2. You guys. Honestly. My blog readers. I get really excited when I get a comment, I really do. I like all of you and if I had enough money I think it would be cool if I flew you all to Seattle to visit me and my obnoxious doggie. (see above photo.)

3. Hawaii. Next week. I really think I need this. The husband and I have been running in circles and have hardly seen each other and I'm looking forward to time with him, time with family and time with the sunshine.

4. My Bible study girls. I love that they are there for me and so supportive but I also love that when I'm with them I get to experience that deep belly laugh that makes your abs hurt more than a million crunches.

5. Sweet juicy watermelon. I love fruit in the summer and watermelon is such a sign of warmer temperatures, relaxing moments and longer days. I bought a "personal watermelon" the other day and unfortunately it was very personal... I ate the entire thing. Sorry husband.

What is rockin' your boat, making your smile and remember that the world is not so bad?

Last week, Lindsay enjoyed some sunshine and got some custom orders in her Etsy shop. :)

Bonita Rose shared chips and salsa with a friend (my all-time favorite food) and is grateful to be working through some tough things.

And Vic talked about beautiful friendships and the squish of wet mud between toes. 

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  1. I just had my first watermelon slice of the summer last night at a bbq and it was divine. I mean, it was AMAZINGLY good. If there weren't other people there, I would've eaten the whole thing myself.

  2. I'm excited that I'm finishing up my guest post for your blog to get sent over to you tonight! going to take some pictures of my little town after work and get it all togehter! my first guest post! that makes me happy!

  3. Ooh, I'll have to do my 5 things this Sunday and come back and link up ;-)
    Hope you're feeling more energized!

  4. oh yes, i agree with all of the above. :)

  5. What? You're going to Hawaii. Without me? :) Is this your first time going? You are going to LOVE it. What island? Take pictures. Tell me about your travels. Let's meet up for lunch when you return. It's long overdue!


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