for those who wait

Do you ever eye something, something perfect and think...

"I have to have that."

And even though you don't need it, and it's a tad bit out of your budget... you can't stop thinking about it?

Enter oxford shoes.

There was this stylish girl at work that had these AWESOME gray oxford flats. And I wanted them. I googled them and I couldn't find anything in my budget...and we're supposedly saving money and being practical right now.

So no oxfords.

Until recently when Nordstrom was having their half-yearly sale and I just randomly happened to be on their website and saw the shoes...

not in gray but in nude and $20 cheaper. It was a sign so I purchased them and I am one happy girl.

But what I think makes me happier is that I waited and got them on sale. Doesn't that make every purchase better?

Plus they look good with everything.

Have you ever saved up for something?


  1. Oooohhh... NOTHING makes me happier than a good sale! My best friend in college made me super CRAZY thrifty... to the point that I pretty much refuse to pay more than $30 for any single article of clothing! Haha (I'm so cheap!)

  2. What a cute little doggie! I'm lovin' those shoes right now as well. I hear Target has some cute styles that are similar.


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