giveaways, pit stop and other thoughts

First off, if you haven't been over to the Gussy Sews major giveaway, check it out. I'm giving away $40 shop credit and I have some new fun things in the ol' shop.

And today I am so excited to be featured on After I Do. Krysten is so friendly and encouraging (especially when I was tweeting about my family dog being lost for a few hours) and I'm excited to be a sponsor. Big happy face! :D

And now for a quick story...

Last night was the husband's baby sister's high school graduation. (If you're an avid blog reader you'll know that this is the THIRD graduation the hubs and I have sat through in less than two weeks. Win.) It was down in Tacoma (south of Seattle). Driving there is supposedly a half hour but traffic makes it wayyyy worse...which is why when our way home and we both had to use the bathroom really bad, we decided that there was NO way we could make it home without an incident.

A few exits heading north we were getting desperate. (Don't judge-- you know you all have been there.) In a fit of inspiration, the husband pulls off suddenly to an exit... the exit to one of the casinos dotting the interstate.

Please note I've never been to a casino but hitting one up on a Monday night at 10:45 p.s. sounded like a good adventure. Plus I  was sure they had bathrooms.

We pulled into the lot and discovered that Monday night at a casino is a big night. We drove around in circles looking for parking, hitting every pothole, me gritting my teeth. Finally we found a spot and speed walked to the entrance.

I've never been to Vegas but let's just say this casino didn't really look like anything I'd seen in the movies. But it was HUGE--slot machines everywhere. And they had bathrooms. Score.

But since it was my, and the husband's first time at the casino, we decided we'd try our luck at some slot machines.

Luck is a funny word to have used because turns out we don't have any. We only spent a few dollars but let's just say our "winnings" were significantly less. (Yes, I did redeem a ticket for one cent.)

So we walked out of there a little poorer and but thankfully,  with significantly emptier bladders.

Have you ever stopped somewhere random to go the bathroom? 

p.s. Thanks for all the comments yesterday about "The Berenstain Bears." Thanks to you (and comments on my Facebook) we have determined that it is pronounced "Bear-en-steen" i.e. I was right. (Which is what matters, right?) ;)

p.p.s. Thanks to those who have contacted me about guest posts. Super excited for what we're going to have!!

p.p.p.s. I'm also going to start a new series called "He said, She said." Got a story about the differences between guys & girls communicating? Email me at rougeandwhimsy@gmail.com :D

p.p.p.p.s Is it accurate to write p.p.s. or should it be p.s.s.? These are things I wonder when I'm tired.


  1. So glad you were right on the Berenstain Bears thing... ;)

    It should be p.p.s. (P.S. = Post Script meaning P.P.S. would be Post, Post Script...etc.)

    Also, He Said, She Said? That's something I'm still trying to get past after last week. See my blog post "Crap" if interested. The series sounds like a great idea :)

  2. hahaha, your desperation for a bathroom is killing me!! is that weird? because it really is a funny story!! ;)

  3. Casinos are so gross! My first time was last month to go to a killer buffet...but they were closed on Wednesdays for cleaning? Strange. Then we stopped last weekend to change into pjs since we were driving all night. Never been to vegas either, I hope that they would be less stinky, and more fancy.


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