it's a dog's life [at the beach]

As I mentioned earlier, it's finally warmed up around here so the doggy and I headed to Richmond Beach, a few miles north of us in the city of Shoreline (north suburb of Seattle.)

What's great about this beach is unlike Seattle beaches, doggies are allowed. And if you walk far enough past the main beach, there's an area where dogs can roam off leash.

My little guy loved it.

It was lovely to just do nothing but walk the beach with the little pup, listening to the waves. Only ten minutes from my house but it felt like a million miles away.

[Lately I've been discouraged. Just with the market, my blog... lots of things. I love my blog, I love what I make but sometimes it's easy to let the little voices in my head dictate how I feel. Do you know what I'm talking about? Spending time at the beach was mini-therapy for me.]

If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, just stare into that last photo and imagine you're there. (it's working for me.)

how do you relieve stress in your life? 


  1. Love the photos and your adorable pup! I know how you've been feeling. I've been feeling a little of that myself... not just about creating, but about everything. It's like a little "discouraged slump," and I'm ready for it to go on its merry (or, er, "unmerry") way. Keep your chin up! You make beautiful things, and I know their popularity will continue to grow! :)

  2. oh man, I hear ya, going on long walks or hikes are great! I think we are gonna go this weekend.

  3. What a cute dog! It looks like he had a wonderful time at the beach!

  4. I just took off the other day for the beach. Did the same thing, wondering about similar stuff as well ;-)
    Great therapy.

  5. So super cute! I just love dogs and I have always wanted a corgi!

    Meet Virginia

  6. aw, don't worry about it, friend. we all have our rough spots in the blogging land, and it'll pass. :)

  7. I live in an area where the closest beach is a lake (bleck) and the nearest ocean is 1000 miles away...so stress relief via water can be difficult. However, I live in a city with a 100 fountains, so I will roam down to the park with fountains or take my dog to the dog park and knit.

    One of my BFF has 3 corgi's and I love them to death. They are some of the best dogs ever!


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