saturday snapshot (take 5)

Happy Saturday and snapshot day with Yellow Songbird!

Today I'm giving a shoutout to my dear dear friend Betsy who has been with me through a lot.

She may kill me for posting this photo...

but this is from when we were camp counselors at a Young Life camp several years ago and to me, kind of sums up our friendship...

And here's a better shot of us at my wedding... 

And now it's her turn to get married... in two weeks! I. can. not. wait.

I rarely get to see her anymore because she lives in San Diego while her fiance attends law school so photos of us together are even more precious.

I love you Betsy! Happy almost wedding day!
Please don't be too angry about the above photo... :)


  1. Hahaha that photo is hilarious!! :) I'm sure you'll have a blast at her weddings! Congratulations to her!

  2. You two are adorable! Yes, in BOTH pictures :)

  3. love it...ready for the volleyball tournament? i was at Sharptop Cove in GA for my YL camp photo :)

  4. Erika!
    You are the sweetest! I am sitting in the Utah airport (again) waiting to catch my flight back to San Diego. I have a bit of a lay over and decided to check out recent postings in the life of you. To my surprise, I found something about me!! You are the best. I am so thankful to have a friend like you. 18 more days and counting.... incredibly thankful to celebrate this time in my life with someone so wonderful.
    ps. i think we look super hot in the first photo. ;)


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