what i love wednesday [#7] (and how is it June?)

Right now I can not get enough of polka dots. I think they're the sweetest mix of fun and summery--especially when they're in bright colors like these:

1. This ModCloth navy blue dress looks like it would flatter anyone. I think it would flatter me, but not my wallet.

2. My iPhone case is sad and cracked and boring-- the complete opposite of this case from PencilShavingsPaper. (by the way--looking for a new etsy shop to lust after? this is a good one.)

3. Happy little button bracelet! 'Nuff said. Get on my wrist now.

4. I've been looking for a cute, retro-esque one-piece. This J Crew one for sure fits the bill. If only it was $8 instead of $88!

5. Light blue corduroy with polka dots. My new fav. combination in this little clutch.

And if you love polka dots and random facts as much as I do, then save this little tidbit for sharing later:

"The polka was such a hit in mid-nineteenth century England that the word polka was attached to various commercial products without any real connection to the dance: "The polka was so popular," wrote a historian in 1898, "that it absorbed every other dance for a time. Articles of food, of clothing and of ornament, were named after it."- RandomHouse.com

and apparently the only one that stuck was the polka dot. fascinating, right? Or am I just a nerd? :)

I'm linking up with Krystina! Go see what others love today! And make it a great Wednesday.


  1. Oooh I LOVE numbers 1 and 5. So pretty!

  2. I looove the dress! And I love the polka dots! :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. polka dots are AWESOME!!!


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