day of rest [#1]

I am not good at taking time for myself...to do nothing, to pray, to think, to just be.

Do you find it just as hard?

Each Sunday I'm going to list things that I should do, that we all should do to put more rest in our Sunday and our weeks:

1. eat a leisurely breakfast

with all your favorite foods

and enjoy every bite

Source: None via Erika on Pinterest

:) Happy Sunday

p.s. Two things:
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  1. it is hard to remember to take time for yourself. i love the idea of having a leisurely breakfast. so needed and deserved!

    have a great sunday, doll!

  2. YES! I am all about leisurely breakfasts (with a big mug of tea!!) ;D

  3. yes to a more leisurely breakfast! sundays are a day for relaxation!!


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