tuesday tutorial: how to be sick on a sunny day

I hate being sick.
I'm not good at it. I keep thinking of all the things I could be doing with a day home from work.

It's especially frustrating when it's gorgeous outside and the perfect weather is tempting me to do anything but lay around.

So I decided yesterday that I can have my cake and eat it too. Thus, my easy guide to enjoying the sunshine while home sick.

Step one: Find the old jean quilt the husband's grandma made way back when, complete with acid-washed jean pockets and cotton sports printed fabric. (ignore pasty, unshaven legs.)

Step two: Lay out the quilt. Get a fuzzy friend to hang out with you. (optional)

Step three: Pour yourself a ginormous glass of OJ or water because your mom would want you to.

 Step four: Don't forget your phone. Someone may call you and feel sorry for you. A good book is also a great outdoor sick buddy.

Step five: Snuggle and sleep. Repeat. Get better.

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  1. oh yes. imma gonna do that next time i'm sick...with i'm hoping isn't soon, haha!


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