antique stores: not just for grandma anymore

Do you know what I love?

I love that it's cool to go thrift and antique shopping.

But do you know what I hate?

I hate that's it's cool to go thrift and antique shopping because it means that there's more competition for the good stuff.

A few weekends ago I was in Bellingham (last big town before the Canadian border) for my brother's graduation and my mom and I convinced the guys to stop at this three-story antique store.

Once they got in there they were just as engrossed as we were. This place was incredible and had nearly anything and everything you could think of to vintage appliances, old soda bottles, my favorite blue ball mason jars and antique quilts (swoon). Best part of it all? Most of it was pretty reasonable and honestly the best prices I've seen for blue mason jars. (Oh shoot now I'm sounding like someone on Antique Roadshow or somethin'... )

But don't let me tell you anymore about it. Let me show you. (A picture is worth a thousand words right? So enjoy my few-thousand word essay.)

maybe waking up would be easier with this little retro clock. (and i love the basket.)
hello cheerful '60s mugs. You would all brighten up my kitchen so well.

memorabilia from the 1960 World's Fair in Seattle. My friend's grandma met Elvis there. :)

turquoise mason jars are my calling. (and obsession. Sorry husband, but yes we do need more.)

enough vintage doilies for ya?

the only thing not for sale: a vintage funhouse mirror. (isn't my mom cute?)

Are there any fun vintage/thrift/antique stores near you? Can I come visit them with you?

Happy Thursday!!

p.s. tomorrow share what good things that you are thankful for this week with Five Things Friday. :)


  1. Oh how I love a good antique store! They are one of the things I reeeally miss about the mainland.

  2. Antique stores are so fun! The thing I hate about the ones around here though is that every single one of them is overpriced. WAAAAY overpriced. So it's more of a "look, but don't touch because I don't want to break it" shopping trip every time.


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