it's sunny in seattle [what?!]

OK. Granted not all of you live in Seattle. And granted not all of you get THIS EXCITED when the sun comes out.

But this spring has been the lamest, coldest spring ever. (according to everyone and even the weatherman.)

And it's taken until mid-June people for the the temperatures to get above 70. Not OK.

In honor of Mr. Sunshine finally getting his sunny warm act together, I'm giving 15 percent off with the code sunny15. (You can see it on the right if you forget.)

And when the weather gets crappy (which it will eventually) I'll take the code down. So for now, pray for sun!

p.s. I have a terrible cold. How unfair is that? Shouldn't I have gotten sick when it was 50 degrees and rainy? yeah, that's what I thought.

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  1. oh girl, i am so sad when the Mr. Sunshine goes away...like today. :(
    but that code makes a little ray peep through the clouds. :) too bad i don't have any money...


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