what to bring on a trip

Packing for Hawaii looks much better than packing for anywhere else. 

Everything is a bright color!

Here are my travel necessities:


   a good book (or two or three! I just picked up "The Postmistress." Has anyone read it?)

   downloaded podcasts on the ol' iPhone (I'm a TOTAL NERD and love love love "This American Life")

   book of crosswords* (I can't do Soduko)

   plane snacks like almonds or dried fruit

   cash money money--especially quarters. You never know when you'll need a quarter.

   a comfy sweatshirt-- planes are always freezing

What do you pack when you go on vacation? 

*so I could not think of the name of crossword puzzles and had to describe it to my husband. "It's not a word scramble...it's like Scrabble, they're in newspapers?" Luckily the husband is used to me grasping at words. "Sometimes," he told me, "I think you're so smart you out-think yourself." aw thanks hubby!

p.s. Please note that all orders placed in my shop from June 28 (today) through July 6th will not ship out until July 8th. Thanks for your understanding! :)

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