what i love wednesday [#9]

Hi friends.
Happy Wednesday! This week I'm counting down the days (two weeks today!) until I leave for Hawaii with the husband and the family.

We're going to Lahaina and I am super excited because...
  1. sunshine! (I'm feeling deprived in the Vitamin D category right now)
  2. chill/vaction/do nothing time
  3. it'll be my first time there :)
And I've decided that my summer closet is seriously lacking. (So, husband, I need to go shopping...)

This week I'm eyeing stuff that will be perfect for the beach. (It hasn't decided to be summer yet in Seattle. Currently I'm wearing sweats. booooo.)

1. adorable sunhat from Urban Outfitters. (I kinda want a fedora too...not sure I can rock it like some other cute kids can.)
2. Target sandals. I love floral everywhere-- even between my toes ;)
3. Dontcha think this loose-fitting blouse from Ruche would be adorable tucked into a high-waisted denim skirt?
4. OK. Please convince me that a 5'4 girl can rock a maxi dress without looking lost. 'Cuz I wanna buy this printed number from ModCloth.
5. I own these shorts from Gap. They're awesome. 
6. Sweet pinstriped Vans for rocky beaches and late night summer strolls :)

Besides some serious shopping that needs to get done, I need to hear from you guys what are MUST-DOs in Hawaii. I'm an island newbie! Fill me in!

Also I'm looking for some guest posters the week that I'm gone. If you're interested, please email me at rougeandwhimsy[at]gmail[dot]com. DIY, recipe, photo, fashion, random thoughts--almost all posts welcome! :)

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  1. You'll have so much fun in Lahaina! Maui is awesome! :) I'm afraid I am not much help in telling you what to do while there... We were total bums at the resort for 97% of the time we visited. Aside from driving around the island, visiting some cute shops, and taking lots of photos, I think bumming it on the beach is the way to go. Haha!

  2. I feel like I NEED those Vans, they're so cute!

  3. Hey girl! So jealous. Here are some things from the top of my head that you might like! There are sailboats in Lahaina that will take you on little tours for a few hours. And right in Lahaina there's a that makes ice cream cookie sandwiches that are amazing! I think you would LOVE the Alii Kula Lavender farm. My mom and I (against our rental car agreement, but they never found out) drove the northern route from the airport over to the west side and the roads get crazy (one lane on a bend on a cliff!) but the scenery was out of this world. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my entire life. But you could also drive the road to Hana, which is similar but in the other direction. I hope you have an awesome time! It was so cold here this morning that I could see my breath.

  4. Great ideas. I think anything looks great when you are in Lahaina!

  5. THAT DRESS. i seriously think i NEED it.


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