some cans and some spray paint

Did you know you can spray paint anything?

like really. anything.

I've on a spray painting kick lately. The latest item to get spritzed were a small collection of cans.

Along with my glass jars, I've been squirreling away aluminum cans. Luckily the husband doesn't question my sanity too much when I stop him from recycling the black beans can.

"Noooo!" I usually shout with the same urgency as if he was about to step in front of a moving car. "I'm saving those!"

He sighs, nods and sticks them under the sink along with the rest of my collection of odds and ends, waiting to be turned into DIY projects. (I've got some wine bottles under there too...for some project yet to be determined.)

And in the span of Monday afternoon, my basic aluminum cans became gorgeous planters and a small cheerful vase.

I chose five cans to be used as planters and spray painted them butter yellow and aqua. After they dried, I made a few holes in the bottom for drainage using a nail and hammer. I filled them with dirt and planted sweet alyssum, a pretty white and purple bloomed plant that trails nicely over the sides.

I arranged them on an off-white tray (also spray painted by me at an earlier date) and they now sit as the centerpiece to my outdoor patio table.

I love them. Don't you?

I used the smaller can--once full of jalepenos--to be a small vase to hold lilacs. (No holes in the bottom of this one!)

What have you spray painted lately?


  1. those are great, I love the colors!

  2. last summer I spray painted a ton of plastic pots in bright colors for all my lovely flowers! you're right - you can spray paint anything!

  3. oh yes, i LOVE them!! so fun and creative.

  4. Oooh, they look beautiful! I love spray paint! I found a really cheap old brass shelf at an antique store and painted it a beautiful matte silver. It turned out amazing!

  5. I love buying tacky ceramic figurines at the thrift store and then spray painting all of them matte white. All of a sudden, they look classy!

  6. I have some spray paint and have yet to use it. :) I do have grand plans, though!!


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