the list: july

July is full of promises. It's a promise of true summer: long, lazy lingering days, beach days and nights, picnics and good books and juicy watermelon running down chins.

July is got here faster than I anticipated. In just three weeks I'll be in San Francisco at the Renegade Craft Fair. As much as it was an honor to be chosen to sell there, it's also left me so scared that I won't end up having enough items, or I'll have too much, or something will happen... and I'm so excited but so nervous. You know that feeling-- a mix between good butterflies and a random, worrisome dragonfly in your belly that's making you feel so much worse.

But I know that it will work out. I'm doing a lot of praying, prepping and I've got to be mean and lock myself in the office to do more sewing, prepping and praying so I can be ready for this thing.

If you're in the San Fran area, I'd love to see you! Here's all the details for the show.

To be honest, that's all that July is going to be about. I'm sure I'll sneak in some more books to read, a few more recipes, but otherwise it's all Renegade, all the time.

And to recap June:
I ran a half marathon! || I decided shorts were worth wearing || a dear, dear friend came to visit

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  1. my july is mostly about renegade L.A. It's exciting but a little scary!

  2. Ooh good luck with your show! And how amazing to have run a half marathon? I'm in awe!


  3. So much good luck, my friend! You'll do WONDERFULLY!!! We often worry about that which will never happen, remember that. :) Happy July! I feel like I've really started this month off right, and I hope that will continue all month long!


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