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Can you tell my shirt is glittery? It has the faintest glittery sheen-- a grey, casual t-shirt with just the right amount of sparkle.

I never used to like gold or sparkly shirts but now I find myself drawn to them and when I saw this shirt at the Nordstrom anniversary sale, I decided to treat myself even though, let's be honest, it was not something I needed. (As if anyone really needs a glittery shirt.)

It's funny how style changes. I feel like I'm ever evolving-- sometimes with what's in and sometimes, decidedly not. Like I know the high-low skirt thing is in, but I just can't really get on board with that. And I am also really having a hard time with acid-wash denim. An intern at work was wearing a pair of acid-washed jeans and I just couldn't wrap my mind around ever wearing it. But gold, glittery t-shirts -- I can most definitely get on that train.

happy thursday! and happy August! Don't forget to link up your month recaps tomorrow!
xo, erika

t-shirt: Nordstrom
skirt: H&M or similar
shoes: shoedazzle

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  1. i love any and all t-shirts, esp when you can say a t-shirt is fancy :) and those shoes are adorable!!

  2. this would be perfect for my job. love love love it.

  3. My style has evolved SO MUCH over the last few years. I've always loved the feminine look but in my small town it's more jeans and tees. I finally just said who cares, if I want to dress like a girl I can! It's skirts and dresses from here on out!

  4. Great shoes - and fun hint of sparkly with your top!

  5. Such a fun shirt! I'm not into the high low skirt trend either ;)
    I think my style is changing! Now that I can wear pre-pregnancy stuff, I find myself wearing less than 1/2 of what I own. I wonder how long that will last! But I'm feeling a major closet purge coming on.

  6. Love this outfit! The perfect mix of everything :)


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