influence conference giveaway

There are giveaways... and then there are giveaways. This is one of those giveaways and I am so excited to share it with you. 

As you may know, I am serving as a community leader at the upcoming Influence Conference in the fall. I am really excited to go and connect with bloggers who all share a faith in Jesus-- but I really want as many others to go as possible (more people, more fun!) Conferences are great, but they can be costly, especially if you have to fly quite a ways to get there. (like me-- going from Seattle to Indiana -- yeah, there are no direct flights.)

This is why I am super excited to offer you a full ride to the Influence Conference-- the whole meal deal: flight, hotel room, ticket and a bunch of other goodies. One winner takes all-- and the all is quite a lot: 

1. an Influence Conference ticket ($225 value)
2. Lifetime Membership to The Influence Network ($200)
3. $50 Sashes Market Gift Voucher
4. $250 airline voucher
5. 2 nights at the Westin hotel ($250 value)
6. Better Life Bags Brynnda bag ($165 value)

Enter to win using the entry form below! Good luck!
xo, erika


  1. I would cry if I won this. Literally bawl!

  2. This is so amazing!! Fingers are crossed for this doozy of a giveaway! :)


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