Just to be honest with you, I plan out my outfits each night for the next day.

I've tried really, really hard to be a morning person. Really, I've tried. And I'm just not my best self in the a.m. so making any decision besides how long I brush each side of my mouth is pointless.

So I plan my outfits. When I planned this outfit, I told myself that I needed to get up early enough to wash my hair, because if I wore it up, said outfit would look librarian-esque.

Guess who did not get up early enough to wash her hair?


But looking at these photos, I am pleased. The blazer and bun didn't look as librarian-like as I thought.

(In case you're wondering, I also not only plan my outfits, but I also make my lunch, put my purse by the door and pack my gym bag. I'm not taking any chances in the a.m.)

xo, erika

blazer: Forever21 similar
necklace: c/o LilyEmme jewelry
tee: Target
skirt: thrifted
shoes: Nordstrom rack
clutch: rouge + whimsy

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  1. Who doesn't like a little librarian every now and then? Plus, that skirt is too flowy to be librarian! :)

    And, our routines are similar. Related much?

  2. I'm the same way! I leave before my husband wakes up, so I get everything together the night before--partly so I don't disturb him, partly so I can sleep an extra ten or fifteen minutes later. :)

    This outfit is super cute, by the way! I haven't tried a blazer, but I'm sure if I found the right one I'd wear it all the time.

  3. I don't think it's librarian like at all! I love the red with black and white combo!

  4. this is so cute! i'd wear this to work for sure
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  5. For the longest time I would pick out my outfits the day before...but then I realized I'm much more creative with my outfits when I can throw them together in a rush!

    I do however, pick out my daughter's outfits the night before...she is definitely not a morning person!

    Sometimes, it's just good to be prepared!

    I love this look by the way, very classy yet simple and put together.


  6. talk about prepared! maybe i would wear more stylish outfits if i did this too.. ;)

  7. Hahahaha, I'm the same way! If I don't know what I'm going to wear the following morning, I cannot for the life of me fall asleep. I'm just too worried about if I'll put together a decent enough outfit in my half asleep state. Love this outfit, you look like a doll!


  8. Oddly I am the opposite. I would rather wake up early than have to plan stuff the night before. Is that weird?

  9. I am with you! Except I always say, "Meh, I'll do it in the morning." And of course I never do...


  10. I am the same! And I wear the same thing every day (yoga pants or running shorts and a t-shirt). I like to lay everything out so that I don't have to think about it when I wake up :).

  11. I plan out my outfits the night before too! I love this look - You look gorgeous!!

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx


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