renegade san francisco

 photo via renegade craft

When I was accepted into Renegade San Francisco, I was a little bit surprised. It's the cream of the crop handmade shows and incredibly competitive. By even applying, I felt like I was putting myself out there quite a bit -- and I prepared myself for not getting in. 

Then when I got in, panic mode set in and the last month or so was a lot of work. The few days before the show, I was a ball of nerves-- even flying down, I could hardly sit still in my airplane seat. The husband came with me, and I was grateful for his support -- as well as the support I got by sharing a booth with Julie --  she's a handmade pro. :)

The weekend in a few words: exhausting, overwhelming and incredible. I had a huge fan girl moment when Brit Morin of Brit & Co bought a clutch from me and then when I spied Melissa Fleis, a runner-up on Project Runway, wandering through the crowd.

My only regret? That I had more time to shop! I picked up a bracelet from Fresh Tangerine as a thank you for a friend and a necklace from We See Stars, but with all the incredible makers there, it was hard to see it all! (I'll have to online shop later.)

I left Renegade feeling both encouraged about my shop and inspired to get back to work. I'm tired but in an odd way recharged. I'm happy to be home-- where it's warmer (San Fran was pretty chilly for summer) -- and ready to start planning for more.

xo, erika


  1. I am so lame - I totally stopped by your booth and I didn't introduce myself! Glad to hear you had fun though! :) And yes, SF does get quite cold in July!

  2. LOVE your bags!! Cannot wait til your Etsy shop opens again and I can snag some polka dot goodness :) Would be perfect for toting around, especially at BlogPodium (it's not for another two months almost and I'm stressed about what to bring/carry all my stuff in haha). xo

  3. I'm so glad it went well! That takes guts... And I'm completely obsessed with that large polka dot bag. Now go drink some wine and get some rest!!

  4. OH I love love love your mint and grey bag. SO ADORABLE.

  5. I totally would have had a fan girl moment if I was as the show at stopped by the booth you and Julie shared! Glad the show went well, I would love to do Renegade Brooklyn next year (and have the same sentiments about applying as you did!) P.S. I totally want one of your mint bags!

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  6. Girl that is awesome! You should feel so good, that is huge selling at Renegade! I hadn't heard of Julianne Art and I just went and favorited a bunch of her cards, they were cracking me up.. I feel like she speaks my language haha. And I met the lady behind Fresh Tangerine when I was in Portland :) your booth looks adorbs! Maybe one day I will attempt Renegade.. I have a lot of work to do getting things moving again once we'e settled in Portland!


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