neon shop update


While I love sending out orders and seeing people so excited to order a rouge + whimsy bag, one of my favorite things about my shop is the creative process. I love coming up with new designs and each time I try to push myself to try something new.

Each time I come up with something new, I love my new creations even more than the last-- and this is especially true this time around. The neon is just a great addition to any outfit-- and I cannot gush anymore about the leather clutch. It's so soft and just the right size.

See the neon clutch and black leather studded clutch in the shop!

And, I just created a newsletter for the rouge + whimsy shop and blog! Sign up and get updates and discounts.

Sign up for the newsletter here!

 xo, erika


  1. Oooh, I love your bags! As soon as I move (this week!) and get settled I plan on coming around and buying myself one...they are perfection:)

  2. LOVE that clutch. I should totally ask someone to get me one of your bags for my birthday, I NEED one for my collection.

    Just signed up for the newsletter!

  3. Super cute! And I just signed up for your newsletter!

    feathers and ash

  4. Hey! Look at you with your newsletter. So proud :)

  5. Love that neon clutch! So cute!




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