sweet relish

I pride myself on giving good gifts or unique gifts. Sometimes my family claims I try to outshine everyone else with my gifts, but the truth is that I love finding something that someone loves but didn't even know that they wanted.

I do most of my gift hunting online on sites like Etsy, Fab and Uncommon Goods. But I'm excited to add Sweet Relish to the list.

Sweet Relish doesn't sell relish for your hot dog or burger (although I do love that green spread) but is a site where you can find new brands and products with their discover button. They also categorize gifts for the different people in your life. You can also save things that you find online to lists or look at other people's gift lists for ideas.

After looking through some cool companies, Sweet Relish sent me a bangle from Mango Tree and hand and dish soap from Eco-Me. I love the soap and the story behind the company-- it was started by a woman whose family history led her to pursue making green products.

Other cool things I found on Sweet Relish-- the Man Can, which was started by a 16-year-old and donates proceeds to hungry families and the Corkicle, which is probably the most unique way I've seen to keep drinks cold.

do you like to give unique gifts?

xo, erika

earrings: macy's-- forever ago
dress: Nordstrom
cardigan: Old Navy
bangle: Mango Tree c/o Sweet Relish
boots: Minnetonka


  1. Eeee, this is SO cool! Thank you for sharing, Erika! I have an account there now. ^_^

  2. awesome! :) you look great in the photo too!
    kw, ladies in navy

  3. Ha! I totally expected a recipe for relish... ;)

  4. i just found a new site called red envelope that i really like.. may have found joel's 30th bday present. will have to check out this one next!

    happy weekend!!

  5. i love shopping for other people (maybe more than i like shopping for myself?) i haven't heard of sweet relish though! also, i love, love, love your dress & boots!!

  6. I love that color with your hair! I've been told that I give unique gifts. My favorite gift was a leather wallet for my boyfriend that had a note from me on it hand stamped in script. It's a love note that he gets to read every time he buys something!



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