the list: june

forget big, overarching goals for this month.

this month I want simple.

I want to enjoy life better, feel more grateful and in the moment.

I finally feel like I have a little bit of a handle on my stress load and I want it to stay that way before Renegade and I think the key is taking time to be with God, be with the husband and be with friends. I tend to get hermit-like with my shop, shutting myself up to sew when I should be out living life. But balancing the shop with everything else can be hard. Good but hard. I'm not complaining, but realizing that I've chosen something hard and I need to be mindful of seeking refreshment.

other minor goals for the month?

Sew more for me. I have a few patterns and the fabric to match and I'm going to make time! I am. (my friend and I are currently making this!)

Run, run, run. The half-marathon is June 22 and I'm almost there with training. Not gonna lie, there have been hard days and lost toenails but I cannot get over how far I've come. I never, ever, ever thought I'd be doing this.

launch a few new items in the shop. I have some things in the works that I'm pretty dang excited to share with you all.  They're a little edgier, but still so me.

what are your goals for the month? I'd love to hear them!

Every first Friday of the month Beth and I share our favorite things from the past month and what we're looking forward to in the new month. It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be long, it can just be what the link-up is: a list.

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  1. I so agree - I want to live more simply. We just moved into a new house, and I have been getting rid of stuff left and right. And being mindful to seek refreshment - PREACH IT. My husband and I have really been struggling with this lately, but we're trying hard to remember that we need time for ourselves. Great post!

  2. I love running half marathons. It is my perfect length I think. I have done 2 25K and 2 halves. The halves are much better. I hope you run like the wind. And enjoy yourself.

  3. I love that simple is your goal for the month. I think that's a great one! and that top is going to be stunning. Can't wait to see what fabric you're using :)

  4. congrats on the upcoming half-marathon!
    kw ladies in navy

  5. I just saw your comment over on Ruby Girl's blog. That's so cool how you will be sharing how you can still love style while sharing Christ's influence. It is definitely something I struggle with, as do a lot of other Christian girls, who love style but know that we cannot love the things of the world, but we can still enjoy them and use our passion for good while we are here on earth. It's something that has been on my heart for a few years, so its really nice to see others who feel the same way or can relate. I would love to attend Influence, but I am not sure my work schedule would allow me to go(maybe next year!).


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