weekend links

some links:

>> I'm featured on Cut Out & Keep-- an awesome site of tutorials. Check out the diys I'm sharing here.

>> this post from Jenny Highsmith: from the husband, being married to a blogger.

>> Just purchased: these adorable triangle stud earrings and this awesome statement necklace (that I've been eying FOREVER) on Etsy.

>> I need to make these

>> What do you think of high-waisted swimsuits? I saw this one on Delightfully Tacky, and I'm a tad obsessed. The husband isn't so sure.

>> I really want to make this necklace!

>> Julie and I booked our hotel for Renegade. It's happening, guys! And I'm so totally freaked out and excited at the same time.

Alright, off to run an ungodly amount of miles... the half-marathon is in a month!

xo, erika


  1. you guys are going to kill it at Renegade SF! I just booked our hotel for LA....excited :).

  2. I love those studs from Acute Designs, I need a pair.


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